Real-world data—in weeks rather than months.

All healthcare stakeholders benefit from timely access to granular, high-quality data. Unlike claims or prescription data, EHR data is captured at the point of care. Vestrum Health’s model enables the quick collection and analysis of massive quantities of high-quality EHR and other real-world data.

Real-World Analysis.

Utilization and outcomes

  • How are treatments performing in the real world?
  • How are physicians’ prescribing patterns shaping outcomes?
  • Which patient populations are seeing the most improvement?
  • How closely are physicians following recommended guidelines?
  • How do treatment frequency and dosing impact results?

Physician engagement

  • How do physicians choose which treatments to recommend to which patients?
  • Why do physicians switch treatments?
  • What tactics and resources might help combat switching?

Sales and marketing

  • Which messages are resonating with physicians?
  • What tools would help sales reps be more effective?

Clinical trials

  • Do you want to join a revolution in clincial trial patient recruitment
  • How can we empower physicians to communicate effectively with potential subjects?