Pharma companies count on Vestrum Health for unique in-depth clinical insights for the specialties in which they operate. EHR data and analytics are broader and deeper than claims data, surveys, or other traditional market research techniques.

Until recently, understanding the clinical practices of retina specialists was like piecing together a puzzle. Using months-old data from traditional sources and supplemental market research, it has been nearly impossible to accurately capture, analyze and understand real-world clinical behaviors and decisions.  In fact, measuring outcomes was out of the question.

That’s now changed—thanks to widespread EHR adoption, the advent of modern analytics and the team at Vestrum Health.

Medical  and Health Economics teams can work with Vestrum health’s analytics team to develop ‘real-world evidence’ studies for presentation at conferences and for publication.  Let Vestrum Health support your organization during the drug approval process, monitor and report adverse events and identify optimal patients for your drug. 

Commercial teams leverage Vestrum Health’s syndicated reports which features drug share and switching to understand the market on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.  Vestrum Health’s reports can be used to understand week over week, month over month and year over year changes and can provide a ‘real-time’ view into sales and marketing initiatives.

Vestrum Health partners with Marketing leaders within an organization to get an understanding of market shifts, drug use patterns and patient treatments in order to provide better insights into targeted marketing solutions.