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Vestrum Health offers a new and unique solution that surmounts the limitations of traditional fragmented and incomplete sources of market intelligence. The ability to gather analyzable data in the retina field has historically been very limited. Vestrum health interfaces with EHR systems from a diverse group of hundreds of retina specialists from across the country. Data is aggregated in real time to create our proprietary Vestrum Health Retina Research Dataset™, which includes detailed information on in-office and outpatient pharmaceutical utilization, clinical findings, diagnostic test interpretations, ocular and systemic diagnoses, surgical utilization, outcomes, and adverse events. By providing a granular and robust data set with access to demographically diverse, high-quality, longitudinal data in near-real time, Vestrum Health provides clients with a sustainable competitive advantage through actionable data.

Healthcare data is typically purchased from primary and secondary market research companies. Primary research companies provide market research through a combination of questionnaires, surveys, interviews, panel discussions, and focus groups. This type of data acquisition relies on the memory of healthcare providers and is relatively unreliable when it comes to both qualitative and quantitative questions. Chart reviews are more reliable but are slow and costly. Secondary market research typically originates from prescription and coding data purchased from pharmacy chains and insurance companies. While this data is far more objective and accurate than most primary research, the value of this type of data is limited by the fact that the data sources are inherently not diverse and the scope of data is relatively limited.

There is currently no other single source of healthcare provider that data matches the scope and breadth of content as the Vestrum Health Retina Research Database. Furthermore, there is no other source for healthcare data acquisition in real time – on a daily basis.