Vestrum Health, LLC an emerging leader in the healthcare data industry, and MDIntellesys, a leading ophthalmic Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendor, today announced that the MDIntellesys EHR is now compatible with the Vestrum Health technology platform. Vestrum Health will now provide MDIntellesys customers with a free program to unlock the value of their EHR data by providing a passive revenue stream, analytics, and benchmarking. “We are excited about the interface with the best-in-class ophthalmic EHR, MDIntellesys,” said David Williams, co-founder of Vestrum Health.

By partnering with Vestrum Health, MDI will now allow its customers to securely upload their data to the Vestrum servers where it will be converted by Vestrum’s proprietary technology into an easily-analyzable format. Dan Montzka, CEO of MDIntellesys, says “Our goal is to provide our customers with the best experience, service, and value in the EHR industry. By collaborating with Vestrum Health we are providing additional value to our physician customers.”

About Vestrum Health, LLC:

Vestrum Health was founded by retina specialists in 2012 to provide health care providers with a program to unlock the value if their EHR data. The company’s innovative and patent-pending technology platform facilitates the aggregation and de-identification of EHR data for clinical research, analytics and commercialization. For additional information visit

Contact Information: Nadeem Ahmad, Director of Operations for Vestrum Health.

About MDIntellesys:

Located in Clearwater, Florida, MDIntelleSys, LLC designs, develops and markets intelligent healthcare solutions for eye care specialists. MDI’s electronic health records (“EHR”) software, called IntelleChart, is the leading cloud based EHR specifically designed for eye care specialists. For additional information visit:

Contact Information: Mike Flinchum.