The utilization of pharmaceuticals in the retina field is growing dramatically. Intravitreal injection of pharmaceutical agents is now the most commonly performed procedure in the Medicare population. Pharmaceuticals such as Lucentis®, Eylea®, Avastin®, Jetrea®, and Ozurdex generate multi-billion dollar U.S. revenue, and a host of new medications such as Fovista and Iluvien will be coming to market within the next several years.

Traditionally, investment banks and hedge funds have relied on research studies and data sources that only provide a high level overview of market size and trends. These types of datasets, although useful, are by their very nature backward looking and difficult to correlate with real time physician prescribing habits. The ability to gather data from the retina subspecialty is very limited. In contrast, Vestrum’s EHR data provides accurate, granular, longitudinal and real time insights into how a broad distribution of physicians are treating their patients. Vestrum health interfaces with EHR systems from a diverse group of hundreds of retina specialists from across the country. Data is aggregated in real time to create our proprietary Vestrum Health Retina Research Dataset™, which includes detailed information on in-office and outpatient pharmaceutical utilization, clinical findings, diagnostic test interpretations, ocular and systemic diagnoses, surgical utilization, outcomes, and adverse events.

The ability to capture early insights and analysis on the impact of new drugs, new indications, and the effect of recent efficacy or safety findings directly from physicians is invaluable in determining how drugs are and will be prescribed in the future. Vestrum data is gathered in real-time and is reported on a weekly basis, providing the financial services industry with unparalleled insight into trends that will lead to identifying and acting on the latest market movement opportunities.