KNOXVILLE, Tennessee— August 4, 2014

Vestrum Health®, a healthcare data company, announced today that Tom Brogan has been named Chairman of the Board. Mr. Brogan is the former founder and CEO of Brogan, Inc., which was acquired by IMS Health in 2010.

“We are thrilled to have Tom on our team,” said John Pollack, MD, co-founder of Vestrum Health. “Tom’s proven leadership skills, operational experience, and technical breadth led to the creation of a large and very successful healthcare consulting and data company in Canada, and these same qualities make him the ideal person to lead Vestrum Health’s growth and expansion plans. Tom shares our values and places the same strong emphasis on helping healthcare providers create value from their healthcare data. He is a perfect fit for Vestrum Health.”

Mr. Brogan brings a wealth of healthcare data experience to Vestrum Health. He founded Brogan, Inc. in 1989 and built it into the largest drug claims database in Canada, compiling data from nearly every private drug plan in the country as well as government plans. The company employed 160 employees.

“I am very excited to join the Vestrum Board,” said Brogan. “I believe that the Vestrum model is the future of the healthcare data industry and I look forward to building that future.”

Vestrum Health provides physicians with the opportunity to unlock the full value of their Electronic Health Record (EHR) data by providing benefits including a passive revenue stream as well as analytic and research capabilities. The Vestrum Health platform can interface with any EHR software and there are no fees for physician participation. De-identified EHR data from participating physicians is securely uploaded to Vestrum Health servers, where it is converted into a standardized format by Vestrum’s proprietary technology. It is then aggregated with data from other physicians. Utilizing a patent-pending process, Vestrum Health provides physicians with the ability to control how their data is utilized, including options for commercialization, bench-marking, and research. For physicians wishing to have their EHR data commercialized, Vestrum Health actively markets and sells their de-identified and aggregated data to industry and pays physicians a royalty.

About Vestrum Health, LLC: Vestrum Health was founded in 2012 to provide physicians with the opportunity to unlock the value of their EHR data. The company’s innovative and patent-pending technology platform facilitates the aggregation and de-identification of EHR data for clinical research, analytics and commercialization.

Contact Information: For any questions, contact Nadeem Ahmad, Director of Operations for Vestrum Health.