the leadership team

Tom Brogan Retina Specialist

Tom Brogan

CEO and Chairman

CEO since 2014

Sales and client services and solutions, supplier management and technology

Founder and owner of Brogan Inc, (Largest drug claims database in Canada) sold to IMS in 2010

Nadeem Ahmad Vestrum Health COO

Nadeem Ahmad


COO since 2013

Business development, finance and administration

20 years of healthcare data industry experience at IMS

John Pollack MD

John Pollack

MD, Co-Founder

since 2013

Partner, Illinois Retina Associates (Chicago)

President, American Society of Retina Specialists

Ass. Prof. of Ophth., Rush University Medical Center

Co-founder, Clarus Acuity Group

Co-founder, Covalent Medical

David Williams Vestrum Health MD

David Williams

MD, MBA, Co-Founder

since 2013

Partner, Vitreo-Retinal Surgery PA (Minneapolis)

Past-President, American Society of Retina Specialists

Co-founder, Covalent Medical